Boundary Showcase of the Arts

Arts and Culture Week is a volunteer driven production of the Boundary District Arts Council. It’s precursor, ‘Spring Thing Events’, a production of the Grand Forks Area Arts Council ran from 1976 thru 1991. ‘Spring Thing Events’ offered displays of local arts and culture and presented musical talent. In 1999, the Boundary District Arts Council expanded on this theme by inviting schools to tour and participate in the art demonstrations. Every year since then, our festival has grown to celebrate artists and artisans from across the Boundary Region. From piano recitals to marionette theater, from belly dance to theatrical swordplay the public has been engaged and enthralled with the depth and breadth of the talent that calls the Boundary Region home.

During Arts and Culture Week, Gallery 2 joins forces with the Boundary District Arts Council to present the visual arts. Numerous volunteers working for months in advance deliver exhibits and demonstrations that welcomes the participation of our elementary school children as well as an opportunity for adults to view exemplary original works of art.