What We Do

What we do

We build business and community awareness

We share business, relocation, visitor and community information. We promote businesses and communities with publications, events, advertising and publicity. We create opportunities for members to promote their organizations and businesses collectively. We organize networking opportunities and support community events.

How this helps you: It increases awareness about your business, gives you better marketing options and helps you avoid duplicating marketing efforts.

We market and promote

We coordinate Boundary Country marketing at the regional level. This increases cost effectiveness for our members. We play a key role in the region’s marketing efforts to attract visitors, participants in arts, cultural and sporting events and group tours.

How this helps you: More marketing, under a unified brand, helps you focus on your business and leave the higher-level strategics to us.

We advocate

We engage businesses in issues of government relations, education, infrastructure, taxation, workforce development and quality of life. Engaging businesses in these ways works to strengthen our communities.

We provide members the opportunity to speak in a unified voice and offer a unique perspective as leaders and advocates for business and the community.

We take business issues to the provincial level through a grassroots policy development process focused on developing healthy, vibrant and sustainable communities.

How this helps you: You learn how to enhance your business and lifestyle and how to leverage your influence.

We create regional alliances

We create regional alliances that lead to effective, mutually-beneficial collaborations. This allows us to develop regional initiatives that lead to increased funding opportunities.

How this helps you: You can benefit from collaborating and from accessing outside funding.

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