Christina Lake Cannabis Corp

Business Name: Christina Lake Cannabis Corp
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Christina Lake Cannabis Corp. (“CLC”) operates in the world-renowned outdoor cannabis growing region of southern British Columbia, Canada. This region, specifically Christina Lake, has proven ideal growing conditions and options for considerable expansion opportunities.

Our goal is to become the premier producer of low-cost, high-quality cannabis oil extracts, utilizing our proprietary genetics and time-honored farming practices as developed by our Master Growers over several decades of combined experience.

The focus on oil extraction is twofold. Firstly, the oil extract market provides for more significant margin opportunities than the crowded indoor flower market. Secondly, it positions us for future expansion into a host of new up and downstream markets including edibles, dry product and third-party processing.

Our owner-employees are dedicated to a long-term sustainable agribusiness based on the principles of the highest quality production using ethical farming practices.

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Business Phone Number: 1.866.561.4554